A website is a powerful symbol

A page open to the world, to share knowledge


a picture of a planet earth
a picture of a planet earth

Did you know that our consciousness operates like a computer, with life and emotions added ? We record and program billions of bits of data every minute : sounds, colors, words, smells, all the atmospheres we perceive consciously or unconsciously, experiences we've had... The energy we perceive, which animates us like an electric or magnetic current... Imagine, then, what a program is in us: information that codes our behavior. And this information is present in the more or less deep unconscious, like the different layers of programs in the architecture of a computer.

So what would the Internet be in this symbolic image ? It's our ability to connect to the collective unconscious, to travel into the multi-dimensions of our inner world and discover all the moods that may exist within us. Because yes, everything that exists is also within us in the form of states of consciousness - that's the secret of symbolic language... The sea in me represents the depth and vastness of my emotions. The wind blows my thoughts with varying intensity, fire burns within me, but in which way ? Africa brings me warmth, Alaska coolness, China discipline, Asia a certain spirituality, etc... so many virtues that I can discover in myself when I study the world as representing states of consciousness, through my dreams...
So thank you to the Internet for opening up our consciousness, sharing our knowledge and gaining greater self-knowledge through the study of symbolic language. If we can continue this expansion with right values, dedicated to self-improvement towards human qualities, then on our individual programming depends our future. And with symbolic language, dreams and self-awareness we can program our lives in a harmonious, evolutionary and happy way, readjusting mistakes and always doing our best to develop qualities.