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Let us guide you in the discovery of new indoor and outdoor destinations.

We offer a range of stays, which may change over time. Take a look at the programs and descriptions to get a feel for what would suit you best, then follow the instructions to join us on the trails to discover nature and your inner nature...

If you're a group, an association, a works council or a manager... If dreams, emotional intelligence or spirituality speak to you in a concrete way, you're welcome to get in touch to discuss it :)

Hiking with awareness is like praying with your feet (African proverb). It's a way of coming back to oneself, reflecting on life to avoid depression, burn-out, making choices at strategic moments, feeling good with colleagues and friends, family, etc... It's a form of emotional intelligence practice, for learning to discern behaviors and emotions, developing leadership and soft skills... Adapted to each person, the dream guides us and helps us to improve in our daily lives.