Symbolic Language®

A door to our inner world

Dream, Signs and Symbols Interprétation

What is a dream ?

I'm here to help you understand your dreams and life situations. After more than 10 years of personal work with my dreams, and 5 years of in-depth study to become a therapist, I continue to train as a teacher at the UCM teaching and research center. Using Symbolic Language®, I can help you to discover your emotions, your thoughts, your experiences, your behaviours... and how to deal with them on a daily basis. These deep therapies provide concrete tools for decoding and empowering your personal development.

We can meet face-to-face, by phone or video, as you wish :)

Moments of sharing about dreams, symbolic language, spirituality and self-understanding in all aspects of our being. We can develop our qualities by understanding our inner universe. Dreams are an open door to the multi-dimensions of consciousness.

If you'd like to organize a conference or workshop with friends, an association or a company, we'd be delighted to hear from you...

As a State-qualified mountain guide, I offer unique experiences based on the theme of Symbolic Language®, helping everyone to discover their inner nature. The environment around us is an extraordinary source of information for the unconscious, which constantly records what we experience, see, feel and so on... With the hikes/conferences, I invite you to unify mind and body in inspiring and rejuvenating places. I'm also open to your suggestions for stays if you can't walk, for example, or with groups already formed, in your region, etc...

See you soon on the paths of life, in the image of a hiking trail that leads us to new horizons :)

Conferences and workshops