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Dreams and Symbols Hike

During this stay you'll be able to travel in simplicity through the magnificent landscapes of the Queyras, deepening your knowledge of symbols along the way.

Inspired by nature since childhood, I'll guide you through my experiences of consciousness, my knowledge of symbolic language and dreams. An inspiring, simple and unforgettable experience.

Nature is a symbol! It reflects our inner nature... How do we connect with the soothing, healing atmosphere that nature brings? And why can it also be harsh, intense, devastating...?

If you love hiking, and want to understand things in depth, discover your inner nature and see life as a dream, you're welcome 🌿

DAY 1: Welcome

Thomas will meet you at 6.30pm on Thursday evening at the Fruitière lodge. You're warmly invited to settle in from 4pm, and enjoy the convivial space or visit the hamlet of Vilargaudin.

DAY 2: Refuge and simplicity

A first immersion in nature for this day, discovering the symbols that surround us, starting with the mountains :) Let yourself be guided by history, the elements and the terrain, to discover the secrets of complicity between man and his environment, thanks to the law of resonance... Meditations along the way.

In the evening, after dinner, we'll share a moment of play with the symbols :)

DAY 3: A new perspective on my memories

Walking allows contemplation, thoughts come, and with them feelings, memories... And as we rise, we develop a more global vision, with new orientations, perspectives... Symbolic Language® teaches us to become Angels, that is, to elevate our consciousness in order to bring light into it and develop qualities for everyday life... Meditations along the way...

In the evening, after dinner, we'll share our dreams, to decode them together and deepen your knowledge of symbolic language.

DAY 4: Water, a driving force for prosperity

On this final day, you'll take stock of your journey to connect with your deepest nature, with a thematic focus on water - what a symbol...

You'll return to your accommodation around 3 p.m., to give everyone time to put into practice the wonderful experiences you've acquired over the past 4 days :)

The program is subject to change right up to the last minute, depending on unforeseen circumstances, climate, etc... but we'll always do our best to make sure you have a great time in the best possible conditions.
The dates for 2024 are: August 22 to 25.
The stay is open to people aged 14 and over

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Further info from Thomas: 06 67 02 38 88